Author: Caty McClure

Tiny Pixel Collective Announces Solutions Partnership with DigitalOcean

We’ve officially been welcomed into DigitalOcean’s Solutions Partner Program, a program for developers and agencies maximizing DigitalOcean’s hardware. DigitalOcean simplifies cloud computing so that developers can spend more time creating software our partners will use to transform the world 🙏. After years of using DigitalOcean to deliver best-in-class hosting to Tiny Pixel partners, we’re excited … Continued

Gutenberg Basics: Working With Blocks

The new WordPress editor, Gutenberg, represents a much easier, smoother, intitutive way of using WordPress—you just need to get over a little learning curve first. The heart of the editor, and its biggest departure from the old one, is its use of “blocks.” If you can master all the little menus and buttons for blocks … Continued